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KSI Net Worth

The real name of KSI is KSIOlajidebt, which belongs to the UK and has a total net worth of $100 million. He is a well-known YouTuber, gaming commentator, rapper, and singer and has had a significant career in comedy. KSI included some top-level YouTubers who earned the maximum from the platform. For instance, he earned $25 million in one year from YouTube (2022 to 2023). He has many YouTube channels. His main channel is “KSI,” with over 24 million subscribers.

Along with KSI, he also runs other YouTube channels like “JJ Olatunji” and “KSI clips.” Collectively, KSI can collect a total number of 9 billion YouTube views. He started his YouTube career with “The Sidemen.” But after some time, he left this channel and started creating videos for his YouTube channel. 

In his YouTube videos, he mainly covers the FIFA games. Along with gaming commentary, he played multiple FIFA games, famously with “Arsenal” and England Midfielder Alex Chamberlain. Besides his YouTube career, he also entertains his audience with rap songs. He released his first song in 2015 with the title “Lamborghini.” His third career venture is boxing. KSI’s main opponent is “Logan Paul.” He earned lots of money from his two fights with Paul.

Now, let’s explore the life of KSI from different perspectives.

Early Life

The date of birth of KSIOlajidebt is 19th of June 1992, and he was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. His full name is Olajide Olayinka William. The name of his father is Jide. His father originated from Nigeria. However, KSI’s mother’s name is Yinka, and she is a permanent resident of England. 

He has only one sibling, which is his younger brother. His brother’s name is Deji. By profession, Deji is also a YouTuber. Both brothers were one of the top-ranked YouTubers in 2015. 

To get his education, KSI went to “Berkhamsted School.” During his school days, he met with “Sidemen” channel’s founder, “Simon Minter,” and he decided to join his channel as a member. In his early YouTube career, his younger brother made a video about KSI’s bank balance. In this video, KSI shows extreme anger toward his family. 


KSI is a multitalented person with a YouTube, music, and boxing career. 

YouTube Career

He started his career as a YouTuber in 2008 by launching a channel called “JideJunior.” At that time, he was a school-going kid in grade five. The next year, he added another YouTube account to his arsenal, “KSIOlajideBT.” Initially, he started making videos that included comments on FIFA games. When his channel started making steady revenue, he dropped out of school. After leaving education, he started making more versatile videos in which he not only released commentary on FIFA games, but he started commentary on more games. In just four years of his YouTube career, he has secured more than one million YouTube subscribers. 

By earning fame quickly, he signed a contract with “Maker Studios”’s Polaris in 2013. In October 2013, he met with his schoolmate “Sime” and joined his YouTube channel “Sidemen.” He remains a member of this group for four consecutive years. After that, he announced his separation from Sidemen in 2017. Not only did he leave Sidemen, but he also made diss-tracked videos about the other members of Sidemen. 

Music Career

KSI started his music career young and released his first rap song in 2015. However, the album “Dissimulation” became the main reason behind his first music breakthrough. These albums make new records by gaining the top position on the “Irish Albums Chart.” This album also got the number two rank in England Album Charts. In Dissimulation, he added the following five singles, which make this album so popular.

  • Down Like That
  • Wake Up Call
  • Poppin
  • Houdini
  • Killa Killa

He released his second album, “All Over the Place,” in 2021. In this album, his gold singles are as follows:

  • Really Love
  • Don’t Play

This album also remains successful and got the number one rank on the UK’s Album Charts. Along with those albums, he also released multiple EPs like:

  • Kiddtracktions 
  • Space
  • Jump Around
  • Keep Up

Personal Life

In his personal life, he has done a lot of charity work. For example, he was part of the following charity television shows:

  • Stand Up To Cancer
  • Comic Relief 
  • Children in Need
  • Sport Relief

He also participated in an online charity stream of fellow YouTuber “Castro2021” and donated approximately $10,000. He is also a member of the “Race Against Slime Event” to collect funds for an NGO called “SpecialEffect.” As a member of “Sidemen,” KSI and his mates organized football charity matches in 2016, 2017, and 2018 and collected forty thousand euros for charities. They give this donation to the “Childline, The Saint’s Foundation” and “Charlton Athletic Community Trust.” KSI also greatly supports the “Black Lives Matter” campaign and has donated nearly $60,000 to this cause. He also donated clothing to “Seaview Project”  and also part of the following charity organizations:

  • The Independents
  • Food for London Now Campaign.

He also made a song for the children in need. The title of this single is “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”. Recently, in 2021, he also contributed 10,000 euros during BBC Radio 1’s “Lol-a-Thon.”.


KSI created a controversy during the “Eurogamer Event” in 2021 when he was accused of sexually harassing spokesmodel “Brandy Brewer.” After that controversy, the management of Eurogamer Event put a lifetime ban on KSI from attending any of their events. 

Awards and Achievement

Throughout his career, KSI earned a lot of awards and awards nominations:

  • He won his first award “Diamond Creator Award” in 2016.
  • The next award KSI won in 2020 was “Amazon Music UK Award” for his song “Lighter” under the category of “Best Song.” 
  • NME Awards also give KSI the title “Best Blogger of the Year.” 
  • His recent award win is for “Personality of the Year,” which he received in 2021 from “The Rated Awards.”

Along with winning awards, KSi was also nominated for multiple awards. Some awards nominations for KSI are as follows:

  • Best in Gaming (2012)
  • YouTuber of the Year (2017)
  • Best YouTube Ensemble (2019)
  • Global Awards (2018)
  • MTV Awards (2020)
  • TMTV Awards (2021)

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