Ari Fletcher Net Worth, Early Life, Education, Personal Life, Career

Ari Fletcher Net Worth

From getting fame as a social media activist, modeling, and business ventures, Ari Fletcher net worth has soared to three million US dollars as of 2024. Fletcher’s fame journey started in 2015 when she appeared as a social media influencer on Instagram. After getting success from Instagram, Fletcher began the “Hair Weaves” business with his cousin “Britney.” Fletcher co-founded the “JYCHe Extensions” company with her cousin. She also became famous due to her relationships with renowned rappers “Money Bagg Yo” & “G Herbo.” Let’s look at How Ari Fletcher made her net worth through different ventures. We also deep dive into her personal life and its controversies.

Early life, family, and education

It was 12th of July 1995 when Ariana Flather was born. Chicago, Illinois, is the city where her birth takes place. The name of Fletcher’s mother is “Erin.” However, as of the time of this blog, her father’s name has not been publicly disclosed. She belongs to “African-American” descent. In Fletcher’s family, she has two siblings. Of her siblings, one is her older brother. The name of her brother is “Kyle.” Unfortunately, Kyle died in the childhood of Fletcher. She also has a younger sister. Her sister’s name is “Ashley.” 

Vocational High School, Chicago, is the name of the first school where she got her early education. After completing her school and college education, she went to Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, for higher education. But for personal reasons, she couldn’t finish her university education and dropped out in 2013 for the university. 

Personal life

In her personal life, Fletcher is related to three people. Following are the names of men associated with Ari Fletcher:

  • FreeBand Joey
  • Herbert Randall Wright III (G Herbo)
  • Gervonta Davis
  • Moneybagg Yo

Her first romantic relationship surfaced in 2012 when Fletcher was seen with Freeband Joey. Both stayed in a relationship for a few years. After separation from Joey, Fletcher starts dating Herbert Randall Wright III (G Herbo). By profession, Herbo is a rapper. He also writes multiple songs. The beginning of her relationship is good; they have one kid together. The name of their son is “Yosohn.”

With time, Herbo starts abusing Fletcher. Fletcher files a complaint against Herbo for domestic violence as a result of Herbo’s abusive behavior. Later on, Herbo was found guilty and arrested for committing domestic battery. So, finally, her second relationship was ended in 2019. 

After ending her relationship with Herbo, G Fletcher briefly dated “Gerbonta Davis.” Davis is a professional boxer. The relationship between Fletcher and Davis was very short and ended very soon.

After separating from Davis, Flatcher again falls in love with “MoneyBagg Yo.” Monybagg Yo is a professional rapper. Ari’s relationship with Yo came into the limelight when she gave him 30 acres of land as a gift on his birthday in late 2022. Along with land, Ari gives Yo precious birthday gifts like silver chains, a watch, and a private jet trip. Currency, the couple enjoying a happy relationship. In 2022, Ari Fletcher got pregnant with Yo’s child. But unfortunately, she had a miscarriage.

Career: Waitress, Modeling, Social Media, and KYCHe Extensions

The start of Ari Fletcher’s career was not so pleasant. After the death of her brother, she had to leave NIU. Due to financial issues, she started her career as a waitress. She got her first job at Adrianna’s club. Fortunately, due to her job as a waitress, she was picked by “Modeling Scout.” Under the umbrella of Modeling Scout, she started her modelling career. 

After starting her modelling career, Fletcher began her social media venture on Instagram in 2015. On Instagram, she mostly posts her modelling videos and images. She attracted many followers by showing off her curvy body figure, long black hair, and unique fashion style. Fletchers also earn money from social media by promoting brands like “Fashion Nova” and “Savage X Fenty.” After gaining success on Instagram, she also made a YouTube video named “The RealKyle Sister” and gained lots of success.

 After gaining immense success in her initial career, Fletchers established herself as a businesswoman by co-founding “KYCHe Hair Weaves” with her cousin. She started her business journey in 2016. She uses her social media channels to promote her business. As a result, her company grew well and gained a lot of success and money. By examining her social media influencer ability, she also appeared in print media. Vague magazine published her photos on the cover page in early 2021.  

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