Who Big Meech Wife? All Information You Need To Know About Big Meech

It is well known that Big Meech was a drug lord who committed criminal activities. Mia Ferguson is known as Big Meech’s wife. However, there is no confirmation that Mia is his wife despite the couple’s long-term relationship. Big Meech is the founding member of the “Black Mafia Family” known as BFM. BFM conducted criminal activities in different cities of the USA in the 1990s till the conviction of Big Meech in 2005. Under the umbrella of this organization, more than five hundred operatives are working, and through their illegal activities, BMF generates more than $270 million.

The original name of Big Meech is Demetrius Flenory. Big Meech and his brother Terry Lee Flenory (Known as Soutwest T) started selling cocain when he was a school-going kid in Detroit. Soon after selling a 50-dollar packet of cocaine in school, Big Meech established BMF in 1994. In no time, this criminal organization makes its criminal branches in Georgia, LA, and Atlanta. Their cocaine network is so strong that they spread this drug to almost every city in the USA when this organization was at the peak of its operation, Big Meech leading his groups in Atlanta. On the other hand, “Southwest T” is looking cocaine business in LA. 

Who is Big Meech’s Wife, and Is She Still Alive?

Although there is no confirmed news about Big Meech’s Wife, Mia Ferguson, allegedly Big Meech’s wife, openly disclosed that she is still in a relationship with Big Meech. However, the couple faces alot of difficulties due to the detention of Big Meech in several cases. Multiple media sources also reported that Mia Fegouson died after splitting her path from Big Meech. It is important to note that there is no significant evidence that supports these claims made by the media.

Other Women Associated With Big Meech

Along with Mia, there are other multiple women associated with Big Meech. Following are the names of women who are allegedly in a relationship with Big Meech:

  • Teresa Welch
  • Sabrina Patterson
  • Latara Eutsey

However, Big Meech never talks about his romantic life and the ladies associated with him. That is why his personal life always keeps the public in suspense. Latara Eutsey is the woman who is considered as in a close relationship with the drug lord. Latara also gave birth to Big Meech’s son “Demitrius Flenory Jr.” 

Big Meech Kid

Demitruys Flenory Jr. is the real name of Big Meech’s son. His son is famous by his professional name “Lil Meech.” 

Who is Big Meech?

Big Meech was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on the 21st of July 1968. His birth name is Demetrius Flenory. He was raised with his siblings, a brother “Terry” and a sister. The name of his sister is not yet known. Big Meech belongs to a low-income family. Due to financial limitations, Big Meech was unable to go to college and work in his early life days. Despite getting a formal education, Big Meech started a drug business along with his brother. 

Establishment of BMF

They started selling cocaine in Detroit while they were school-going kids. After being exposed to the illegal cocaine business, Big Meech and his brother Flenory decided to build the Blood Money Family in 1994. The headquarters of this organization was built in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization’s earlier operations were secretly done. 

However, BMF became famous when the media made allegations about Big Meech and his brother in a multi-million dollar illegal drug empire. BMF not only does business in drugs but they are also involved in other crimes like killing other people for money. The lifestyle of Big Meech, which wears fine jewelry, expensive cars, and lavish houses, is also the reason behind the popularity of BMF. 

Conviction of Big Meech

When BMF enters the limelight, security agencies investigate Big Meech and his brother. After a comprehensive investigation and court trial, Big Meech was found guilty. He got a punishment of six years in jail in 2008.

After Jail Release

After completing his punishment, Big Meech was released from jail in 2014. After releasing from jail he decided not to go towards his previous criminal life. Rather, he became a singer and released five albums until 2015. His albums are released by a record label called “BME Recording.” Big Meech himself finds BME Recordings. His songs got a lot of popularity as he sold more than 1 million CDs and earned a lot of money. After a brief hip-hop music career, Big Meech announced retirement from this business in 2015. 

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