Jalen Rose Net Worth 2024, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, And More

Jalen Anthony Rose is a famous former basketball player and an incredible sports analyst from the United States of America. As of 2024, Jalen Rose net worth is more than fifty million US dollars. Jalen got recognition due to his basketball career in the NBA, and his followers liked his work as an NBA sports analyst. During his career years in the NBA, Jalen was also famous for being part of the “FAB FIVE” Michigan team. He was part of the NCCA team when he achieved this milestone.

Jalen Rose has played for many teams like the Denver Nuggets, The Chicago Bulls, The Indiana Pacers, and The Toronto Raptors. Along with these teams, Alen also played for the Phoenix Suns and The New York Knicks. Finally, after playing basketball with so many teams, Jalen announced retirement in 2007 and started his successful career as a sports analyst. His role as an analyst also got equal fame as his NBA career.

With a tremendous career, Jalen is also one of the most highly paid-sportsmen. When Jalen played for the NBA, according to rough estimation, he earned a fortune of $102 million as a salary.

Early Life

The American former professional basketball player Jalen Rose was born in Detroit, Michigan, in January 1973. Jimmy Walker is the name of Jalen’s biological father. However, Jalen never met his father throughout his life. Jimmy Walker was a basketball player by profession, and he was the No. 1 overall draft pick in the National Basketball Association (NBA). His father’s active playing career revolved around 1972. Jerry West was another star player who played along with Jimmy Walker. Jimmy Walker has a promising career, but he is also a patient with lung cancer, which took his breath in 2007.

Jalen’s mother’s name is Jeanne. Jainne raised Jalen as a single parent. Jalen Rose got his name from her mother. His mother gives him a name which is a combination of his father’s and Uncle’s names. The second reason why her mother gave him Jalen Anthony Rose is that the name “Jalen” is trendy among USA athletes. More than 32 players have names that include “Jalen.”



Jalen Rose’s career consists of three parts. 

  • College career
  • NBA Career 
  • Post-NBA Career

The detailed highlights of his career are as follows:

College career

Rose started his basketball career during his college years. He was a student at Southwestern High School in Detroit. In this school, Jalen played for the “Michigan Wolverines” basketball team. During this time, Jalen Rose was accompanied by future NBA players like Howard Eisley and Voshon Lenard. From the start of his career, Jalen’s got a lot of fame. Due to his brilliant talent, Rose also took part in the famous documentary “Hoop Dreams.”

When Rose completed his high school education, he joined the “University of Michigan” to get higher education. In this university, Rose’s team, the Wolverines, qualified for the final of the “NCAA” tournament two times, i.e., in 1992 and 1992. Unfortunately, his team finished as runner-ups both times. 

Rose also had the honor of being part of “FAB FIVE” in 1991. Fab five is a title that was made by Wolverine’s coach “Steve Fisher.” Rose plays a vital role as a leader of the Fab Five in scoring his first year. Following are the stats of Jason Rose:

Average Points Per Game: 17.6

Scoring Record: 597 points.

Although, the Roses’s team didn’t win any NCAA titles and lost both times. Despite this, Jason Rose managed to get some incredible numbers in the tournament. Following are the stats of Rose from the NCAA tournament:

Rebounds: 400

Points: 1700

Assist: 400

Steals: 100

NBA career

  • Jason Rose has a hectic and charming NBA career. He started his NBA career in 1994 when he was selected as 13th overall by “Denver Nuggets. Rose played for the Denver Nuggets for two years. 
  • After that, “Denver Nuggets” traded Rose to “The Indiana Pacers” with Mark Jackson. The start of Rose with “Indiana Pacers” was not so pleasant as Larry Brown (Coach) kept him as an extra player.

Jalen Rose started showcasing his talent when Larry Birh was appointed as coach for the Indiana Pacers. Rose plays a very effective role in the “small forward” position. Jalen Rose plays the longest time of his career with the Indiana Pacers. He joined this team in 1996 and left the team in 2002.

  • In 2002, Rose was traded with “Chicago Bulls”. Indiana Pacers got Travis Best as a replacement for Rose. Rose remains with the Chicago Bulls for only one year. During this time, he scored his career-best 44 points against the Houston Rockets. In the exact match, Rose also scored winning short. The final score of this match was 114-112. Rose played 16 games for the Chicago Bulls. 
  • After that, Chicago traded Rose with “Toronto Raptors.” Chicago Bulls gets Lony Bacter and Donyell Marshall as Rose’s replacements. Rose played for the Toronto Raptors from 2003 to 2006.
  • In 2006, Rose joined “New York Knicks”. From this trading, it is believed that Rose earned more than $3 million. 
  • Finally, in the last months of 2006, Rose signed the final deal of his career with “The Phoenix Suns.” This deal is done for one year, and Rose finalizes the contract at a $1.5 million price.
  • Phoenix Suns are the last team for Jalen Rose. Having completed his deal with the team, Rose retired from his NBA career in 2007. Following are the career stats of Jalen Rose in the NBA.

Average Points: 14.3

Assists: 3.8

Rebounds: 3.5/ game

Post-NBA career and broadcasting

Jalen Rose started his broadcasting career in 2006 when he was still playing in the NBA. “Side-Line Reporter” is the first job that he got on the TNT sports channel. He covers playoff matches of the 2006 NBA tournament. 

After retirement from the NBA, Rose worked with the following news channels:

  • ABC News
  • ESPN.

After that, Rose got a chance to perform on the “SportsCenter” show as an analyst. It was 2012 when he hosted the “NBA Countdown” show for ABC News. On the ESPN channel, Jelen Rose performs a famous show called “Grantland.”

Along with working on famous sports channels, Rose also founded a broadcasting company in 2007 with the name “Three Tier Entertainment.” His company is located in Los Angeles, and it mainly deals with the management and production work of different firms. This company also creates various projects for the TV and film industries. 

“The Fab Five” documentary is another notable production by Jalen Rose. This documentary was broadcast on ESPN and earned the highest rating of 2.1 for the channel. 

Jalen Rose is also part of the morning sports show on ESPN called “Get Up.” He started taking part in this show as a “Guest Analyst” in 2018. Jalen Rose’s career ended on 30th June 2023.

It is estimated that Jalen Rose earned nearly $3 million in a year during his work with ESPN. 

Writing career

In his career, Jalen also became the author of the book “Got to Give the People What They Want.” In this book, Jalen describes his personal life. This book got a lot of appreciation from the audience and got the following titles:

  • New York Times bestsellers
  • Michigan Notable Book of 2016

Radio Career

Apart from all of his other ventures, Jalen Rose also had done work in radio broadcasting. Jalen was part of the “National US Sports Radio” show as a co-host. Other hosts of this show were “Jalen” and Jacoby. This radio show was broadcast on “ESPN” radion in the last months of 2022. 

How Much Does Jalen Rose Earna During His Career?

Jalen Rose earns a lot of money throughout his career. It is estimated that he earned $103,000,000 during his career. In his total wealth, Rose managed to get an estimated $1.5 million to $15.6 million in each NBA season. 

Jalen Rose got the maximum salary from “The Toronto Raptors” between 2005 and 2006. Toronto Raptors give $15.6 million to Rose per season. 

Personal life

Personal life

Jalen Rose is an ex-student of the University of Maryland. Where he got a degree in “Bachelor of Science in Management Studies” in 2005. After graduating from this university, Rose always supported his university’s basketball team. 

In his personal life, marrying “Molly Qerim” is also another essential episode. Molly Qerim is famous for Jalen Rose, who married Qerim in 2018. They tie the knot in a private ceremony. But unfortunately, the relationship did not go well, as Qerim got a divorce from Jalen in 2021 by filing a divorce case. Later, Rose announced that the marriage between them ended after Qerim moved to Connecticut. 


Jalen Rose also found himself in a controversy for driving a vehicle and being intoxicated. This incident took place in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan in 2011. After being found guilty in the case, Jalen served a sentence in jail for some time. 

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