Mischa Barton Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and Personal Life

Mischa Anne Marsden Barton, who is famous by her stage name Mischa Barton, is a famous actress, model, and entrepreneur. She belongs to British & American nationality. Mischa Barton net worth is more than 2.4 million U.S. dollars. She is a versatile actress and has shown her acting career on stage, on T.V., and in films. 

Tony Kushner produced the stage show “Slaves” which marked the beginning of her acting career. After that, she also appeared in a second stage show called “Twelve Dreams.” It was 1995 when she first appeared on screen as a guest actress in “All My Children.” She not on became famous due to her acting, but she also got a lot of appreciation for her voice acting role in “KaBlam,” a cartoon series aired on “Nickelodeon” between 1996 & 1997. Her breakthrough role was in “The O.C.,” a drama which was telecasted from 2003 to 2006. She is playing the role of “Marissa Cooper” in this Fox Teen Drama. “Noting HIll” is another fantastic movie by Mischa that gave her a lot of fame. This article will teach you all important information about Mischa Barton, including her early life, career, personal life, controversies, and real estate stats. 

Early Life, Education, and Family

Mischa Barton’s birth date is 24th of January 1986; she was born at Chelsea Hospital, Queen Charlotte. This hospital is situated in a town of London called “Hammersmith. The father’s name of Mischa Barton is Paul Marsden Barton. Her father is a British national and “Foreign Exchange Broker” by his profession. Manchester is the native city of Paul. 

Nuala Quinn-Barton is the name of Mischa’s mother. Her mother comes from Ireland. By profession, her mother was a producer and photographer.

Mischa has two siblings. Both her siblings are her sisters. Her older sister is “Zoe,” and she is a barrister in the U.K. Hania is her younger sister’s name. 

During her early years, Mischa Barton attended St. Paul’s Girls’ School. This school is situated in her hometown, Hammersmith. She studied very few times in this school as she had to move to “New York City” with her father at 5 years of age.The following year, she attended the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan to continue her studies. She graduated from this school in 2004 and enrolled in a short course of summers called “Acting Shakespeare.” “The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London” is offering this course. She studied acting through this course in the mid of 2006. Sir Richard Attenborough is the man who insists Mischa join this course. Richard is also the director of “Closing the Ring,” in which Mischa shows her acting skills. 


Stage Career

Mischa Barton started her career with a stage performance in 1994. Eight years old was the age at which she began her professional career. She showcased her first acting skills on a stage called “Slave.” Tony Kushner writes Slave. Her performance in Slave gives her a lot of fame. Even “The New York Times” also honors Mischa as “A Darling Little Girl.” After the success of her first show, she worked in several stage shows of “Off-Broadway” productions. She also starred in ‘Twelve Dreams,” a stage written by “James Lapine.” 

Mischa Barton also worked in “Where the Truth Lies,” written by “Catherine Butterfield.” This stage is opened in “The Irish Repertory Theater, New York.” Another famous stage in which Mischa Barton performed in 1997 as an actress is “One Flea Spare,” written by “Naomi Wallace and opened in “The Publec Theater, Dianne Wiest.” 

After showcasing successful skills in theater, Barton started her film career with “Lawn Dogs.” She got a lot of appreciation and awards from “Film Festivals” globally. It was 1999 when she performed in famous movies like “Notting Hill” and “The Sixth Sense.” 1999 remains a successful year for Barton as both her films got tremendous commercial success and earned $363,889,700 for Noting Hill and $672,806,292 for The Sixth Sense movie.

Feature Film And T.V. Career 

Mischa Barton got a leading role in the movie “Pups.” In this movie, Bart Reynolds is the second leading role along with Barton. Her T.V. career was started in 1994 when she performed in the soap opera “All My Children” as “Corvina Lang.” In the same show, she performed as “Benton Montgomery,” replacing “Michelle Trachtenberg” in 1996. Barton also played the role of “Katie SInger” in the famous T.V. show “Once and Again.” In this show, she acted as the girlfriend of Jessie Sammle (Evan Rachel Wood). 

In 2001, Mischa Barton played lead roles in two movies, “Lost and Delirious” and “Jullie Johnson,” and a supporting role in one movie, “Tart.” Her movie Lost and Delirious got mixed reviews; however, movie critics widely appreciate her role. 

In 2003, Barton again returned to T.V. and appeared in an episode of “Fastlane.” This T.V. series was produced by “Fox.” Bartin also had done work in two music videos. The first music video in which she was featured was “Addicted” in 2003. Addicted is a song by “Enrique Iglesias.” The second music video is “Goodbye My Love,” in which she showcased her acting skills in 2005. This is a music video of “James Blunt.”

The O.C.

The O.C. is another ” Fox ” project that helped Barton grow her fame. In this T.V. series, Barton appeared as “Marissa Cooper, ” an affluent teenager with a stormy personal life. The O.C. got a lot of popularity in no time. Mischa Barton remained part of this show till May 2006, when the final episode of its third season premiered. Due to this show, Barton received multiple “Teen Choice Awards.” 

After leaving The O.C., she joined “The Friday Night Project” show as a “Guest Host.” This is a “British Comedy Variety Show.” In 2007, she got leading roles in multiple movies:

  • The Oh in Ohio 
  • Virgin Territory
  • Closing the Ring
  • You and I

Independent Films and dancing competition

Independent Films and dancing competition
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It was 2008 when Mischa Barton started working in independent films. Her first independent film is “Assassination of a High School President. In this movie, “Bruce Willis” was co-starred with Barton. She also worked in the following horror movies in 2008 and 2009:

  • Walled In
  • Homecoming. 

In 2009, Barton also showcased her skills in the following movies:”

  • Don’t Fade Away
  • Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain (A biopic on the gas tragedy that took place in Bhopal)

It was also in 2009 when Barton returned to television and got the main role in a new T.V. series of “The C.W.” called “The Beautiful Life.” This series got mixed reviews and was canceled at the end of 2009 after telecasting two series episodes. She also briefly appeared as an endangered prostitute in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” The episode in which she worked was telecasted at the beginning of March 2010. After that, she worked mainly in horror genre movies like”

  • The Siblings
  • Lifetime
  • Cyberstalker
  • Apartment 103 3D
  • Into the Dark

In the mid of 2012, she got the role of “Shelby” in an Irish stage show called “Steel Magnolias.” This show was opened in “The Gaiety Theatre” in Dublin. The audience highly appreciated her role in this stage. Mischa Barton also participated in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2016 with professional dancer “Artem Chigvintsev.” She got 11th position in this competition. Barton’s work in an independent movie, “Starcrossed,” also got a lot of praise from her fans. Her performance as a psychological survivor in “Deserted” was also critically praised. At the end of 2018, she became a star in “The Cat and The Moon.” This is the first movie which is directed by “Alex Wolff.”

Recent Projects 

In 2019, Mischa Barton was seen in the series reboot of MTV’s “The Hills” with the name of “The Hills: New Beginnings.” However, Barton never makes a comeback for the second season. In 2020, Barton showcased her acting skills in “Spree” along with Joe Keery. At the end of 2021, she works in a crime thriller genre movie, “Invitation To A Murder,” as “Miranda Green.” In this movie, Miranda Green is the main role of “Aspiring Detective.”

In her recent work, her role as a guest star is also included in the Australian soap opera “Neighbours.” This series was premiered by “Amazon” and “network 10.” In the future project of Mischa Barton “Erinsborough” is included. She will perform the role of “Reece Sinclair.”

Other career venture of Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is not only known for her movies and shows but is also known for her modeling, endorsements, and fashion design. She had done a lot of work in print and T.V. commercials. Following are some famous brands for which Mischa five her acting services:

  • Bebe stores
  • Monsoon Accessorize
  • Calvin Klein
  • JC
  • Morgan de Toi (European Clothing Line)
  • Neutrogena (Skincare brand)
  • Jaspal

In 2007, Barton was appointed spokesperson for the “Skin Awareness for Everyone” campaign, SAFE. Bartib also created a collection of fourteen-piece handbags in the mid of 2008. These handbag collections were sold on the online store “ASOS.com.” She also made her headband line at the end of 2008. 

Real Estate Venture of Mischa Barton

When Mischa Barton was only 19 years old, she bought a real estate property in the famous city of the U.S. “Beverly Hills.” She pays $6.4 million to buy this house. But unfortunately she could not manage to pay her mortgage and sold this house in 2016. She sold this house for $7.05 million. 

Personal Life

Their no doubt that Mischa Barton has a very successful career. Along with this, her personal life was not so pleasant. In 2017, Mischa met with the Australian model “James Abercrombie.” Subsequently, she starts dating him for two years. They split their paths apart after 2 years. Barton also had a previous relationship with “Jon Zacharias.” When Barton and Zacharias broke their relationship, her boyfriend tried to sell her private pictures and movies. Mischa Barton took Zacharias to court after knowing about his illegal activities. Apparently, she won the case, and the court ordered Zacharias not to sell Barton’s private photos and videos. 

Mischa Barton also suffered from excessive stress in his life, and she got admitted in “Cedars-Sinai’s Psyce Ward” for 4 days. Barton also sued her mother in 2015, as her mother signed contracts with some brands without her consent. 

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