Matt Ox Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

Matt Ox Net Worth (as of 2024)$400,000
Full NameMatthew Christopher Grao
Stage Name Matt Ox
Date of Birth13th of December, 2004
Age19 Years
Place of BirthLawncrest, Philadelphia, PA
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Quick Info
Matt Ox Net Worth

Matthew Christopher Grao, famously known by his professional name, Matt Ox, is a famous rapper and singer from the United States of America. As of the early months of 2024, Matt Ox net worth is approximately $400,000. “Overwhelming” is the rap song that made Matt Ox famous overnight. He released this single song in 2014, is features “$$$.” The “overwhelming” song has so much popularity that to date, it has more than thirty-one million views on YouTube and similarly, it is played more than 155 million times on Spotify.

Early Life

The date of birth of Matt Ox is 13th of December, 2004. His place of birth is Lawn Crest, Philadelphia, United States of America. Ox always wanted to be a singer and began singing when he was only 11. Despite his busy music schedule, he didn’t leave behind his education as he continued his music journey through homeschooling. However, the early life days are not a piece of cake for Ox as he lost his father at an early age. After his father’s death, he was raised by his mother “Laurel Grau.” His mother works hard and does multiple jobs to fulfil her and Ox’s financial needs.


Matt Ox started his official music career at the age of twelve years by releasing the single “Overwhelming.” He released his first song in 2017. In his first song, he featured an instrumental by “Oogie Mane.” His first song was got immense success, and he became a superstar overnight. After releasing his first song, he published multiple songs with Warner. In 2018, Matt Ox secured a creative deal with “Motown.”

After releasing several singles, Ox released his first album in the last months of 2018. The title of his first album is “Ox”; in this album, he includes eleven songs. The duration of his first album songs is less than three minutes each. In three songs out of eleven, he featured “Chief Keep,” “Key,” and “Valee.” Ox acquired “Working On Dying” services in producing his first album.

He had a lot of success in the music industry at a young age. He was just fifteen years old when he contributed to the song “$$$.” “$$$” is the song of the famous rapper “XXXTentacion.” His collaborative song was added to the “Sophomore” album, released in 2019.

In the following year, 2020, he released his first mixtape titled “Sweet 16.” After that, he released a second solo extended play, “Unorthodox,” in 2021. This mixtape contains five songs in it. It was the first time Matt Ox didn’t cast any guest singers in his mix tapes and EPs. Matt Ox released his second album titled “Year of the Ox” in the first month of 2022. In his second album, Ox cast UnoTheActivist and Lancey Foux as guest appearances.

What are the sources of income for Matt Ox?

Matt Ox is a successful rapper, singer, and songwriter. As of 2024, he is building his net worth by singing and earning a lot of money through live performances, merchandise sales, streaming, and collaboration. Due to his dedication and hard work, it is estimated that he could raise his net worth to one million US dollars in 2024.

Final Words

In summary, here are all the details you need to know about rapper Matt Ox. Although, he had a difficult early life. But with the help of his mother and aunt he proved himself a successful singer. Matt Ox’s net worth also shows that hard days can’t hold back from a successful life if you are a hard worker who can work with dedication.

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