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Jann Mardenborough wife

Jann Mardenborough is a professional car racing driver from the United Kingdom. He isn’t married yet, so as a result Jann Mardenborough has no wife yet. Mardenborough’s net is more than $10 million. He became fame to become the youngest winner of “The GT Academy Competition” in 2011. He got this incredible win by defeating ninety thousand competetors. After winning the competition, he signed a “professional racing contract” with a pioneer company in racing “Nissan.” One thing that made Jan Mardendorough different from other racers is that when he won the racing competition in 2011 he had no previous experience of racing. Instead of being a professional racer, he plays “Sim Racing” video games. Jann had previously driven cars for different companies in “Super GT” car racing. He drives for “NDDP, Kondo Racing, and Team Impul Racing.” Similarly, he drives cars in the “ 24 hours Le Mans series” for Nissan Motor Sports, Greaves Motor Sports, and Oak Racing. 

Jann also enlisted in the top 50 “Most Marketable Athletes”, which is published by well-known sports media called “Marfenborough.” He also worked in Hollywood as a movie producer and actor. He co-produced “Gran Turismo” in 2023. Jann also appears as “Archie Madekwe” in the same movie. 

Who is Jann Mardenborough’s wife?

Jann Mardenborough is currently living his life as a single and does not have a wife. Although he is single, previously a fashion designer “Sophie Hulme” is associated as Jann’s girlfriend. Jan and Sophie were first time publicly seen in 2018. Sophie is a well-known fashion designer. She also built his fashion brand titled “Sophie Hulme. Under the umbrella of “Sophie Hulme”, she produced and sold leather products like bags and other accessories. She founded her brand in 2011. Sophie is also a former student of “Kingston University” where she got a degree in “Fashion Designing.”

Jann and Hulme are seen together multiple times; she can particularly be seen in Jann’s racing venues, and after the race, Jan and Humle are seen together for a brief time. When the media asked them about their relationship, both neither accepted not deny the statement. So, as a result we assumed that Jann is currently single. 

Early Life and Family

The date of birth of Jann Mardenborough is 9th of September, 1991 and he was born in Darlington, County Durham, England. The name of his father is Steve Mardenborough. Steve was a well-known English football player. The name of his mother is Lesley-Anne Mardenborough. Jann spent his early life days in Cardiff along with his younger brother. The name of Jann’s brother is Coby. He always wanted to be a professional car racer from his early life days. When he was 8 years old, then he spent a lot of time in his friend’s house where he played “Gran Turismo”, which is a car racing game. By acknowledging the passion of Jann about games, his friend gives his PlayStation to him. So, then he could play the game in his house. He played this game on PS 2 and PS 3. 

After completing his school education, he went to “Swansea University.”

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