James Caviezel Net Worth, Early Life, Family, Education, And Other Facts About Him

Known by his entertainment industry name, Jame “Jim” Caviezel, James Patrick Caviezel Jr. is a well-known American actor. As of 2024, James Caviezel net worth is more than $25 million. He became fame his roles in films like “Tim Ballard” in “Sound of Freedom.” This movie was released in 2003. His other famous movie is “The Passion of the Christ” in which his character as “Jesus Christ” got a lot of popularity. This movie was directed by “Mel Gibson” and released in 2004; get a business of $622.3 million and remains a super hit at the box office.

Along with movies, James also worked in multiple dramas. He got a lot of recognition from a crime drama series, “Person of Intrest.” In this series, James played the “John Reese” role and earned $125,000 for each episode. Collectively, he earned approximately $3 million from a season of “Person of Intrest.” 

In this article, you will learn all the information about James, including his children, family, wife, and much more. Read on to learn more about your favorite hero.

Early Life, Family, and Education

The date of birth Jame is 26th of September 1968, and as of 2024 his age is 55 years. Mount Vernon, Washington, is the place of birth of James Caviezel. The name of his father is “James Caviezvel” and “Margaret (née Lavery).” By profession, his father is a “Chiropractor,” and his mother is a housewife. In her early years, Jmaes’s mother worked as a stage actress. His father belongs to “Slovak” and “Swiss” decent.

In contrast, his mother comes from “Irish” descent. James lived his early life days with his brother and three sisters. The names of James Caviezel are as follows:

  • Timothy 
  • Ann
  • Erin
  • Amy

In his early years, James lived in the town of “Conway, Washington.” James grew up in a catholic christian family. His father gives him the surname “Romansh.” 

To get an education, James goes to the following institutions:

·         O’Dea High School

·         Mount Vernon High School

·         Kennedy High School

After getting an education from the abovementioned institution, he finally graduated in 1987. When James was studying at “Bellevue College,” he was a good basketball player. But unfortunately, he has to leave this game due to a foot injury. As an ex-student of “The University of Washington,” he started pursuing his career as an actor. 

Personal Life

James liked Kerri Browitt when he was a school-going student. Kerri Browitt was his teacher. In 1993, Jim reconnected with Kerri, and the couple began dating for nearly three years before getting married in 1996. Although Jim and his wife did not have biological children, they adopted three children from China. Here are the names of James Kids:

  • Lyn (Daughter)
  • Bo (Son)
  • David(Son)

All of his kids are fighting with major diseases. Lyn and Bo have brain tumors, and David is fighting cancer. 

James Caviezel is against “Stem Cell Research” and “Abortion” due to his religious beliefs. He is against these things in his belief and takes practical measures to educate people against it. He participated in an advertising campaign in which he clearly apposed a research work about “Embryonic Stem Cell.” This research was conducted in “Missouri.” The movie “The Passion of the Christ” plays an important role in his personal life. After starting in these movies, he was appointed a “Spokesman” in the “Catholic Men’s Conference.” This conference was held in 2005. Jim also gives a lot of religious speeches in different catholic churches. 


Seattle is the city where James started his acting career. His first performance was on stage. He had done a lot of work on stage until 1991 when he got to perform in a movie named “My Own Private Idaho.” This movie was filmed in the following two cities:

  • ·Portland
  • ·Seattle.

In order to pursue his acting career, James moved to Los Angeles after the production of My Own Private Idaho was completed. 1992 is the year when James showcased his acting skills in “Diggstown.” He also appeared on “The Wonder Years.” This is the presentation of “ABC.” After that, in 1994, James Caviezel rejected a study scholarship to work in “Wyatt Earp.” In this movie, Caviezel performs as ” Wyat ” ‘s younger brother as “Warren Earp.” 

Along with working in the movies in 1995, Caviezel also worked as a guest star in a drama series, “Murder, She Wrote,” presented by “CBS.” After his successful role in Murder She Wrote, his main role is in the drama “Children of The Dust.” Due to his work in “The Rock” movies, James earned a lot of money as this movie grossed $335.1 million at the box office. Following are the names of famous movies by James Caviezel from the 1990s.

D.I. Jane       1997
The Thin Red Line  1998
Ride with the Devil 1999

James Caviezel got a lot of appreciation from the audience due to his work in The Thin Red Line. His work was admired in “The Chicago Film Critics Association” when he got the “Most Promising Actor” award. 

From 2000, Caviezel spent a very busy acting career. As he has worked in a lot of movies following are the names of movies in which James Caviezel showcased his acting skills:

Movie NameYear
Frequency 2000
Pay It Forward    2000
The Count of Monte Cristo 2002
X-Men 2000
The Passion of the Christ   2003
Catholic Courier 2018
Unknown 2006
Deja Vu    2006
Outlander   2008
Long Weekend        2008
The Stoning of Soraya M   2008
Person of interest   2014-2016
Escape Plan2013
When The Game Stands Tall 2014
The Ballad of Lefty Brown 2017
Paul, Apostle of Christ 2018
Infidel      2019
Sound of Freedom 2020

Awards and Achievement

Throughout his career, James Caviezel has done a lot of fantastic work. His work pays him off well with fame and a healthy net worth. He got the following awards in his career:

Most Inspiring Movie Acting Award2005 (For The Passion of the Christ)
Most Inspiring Performance in Movies Award  2009 (For Paul, Apostle of Christ)
Giffoni Award              2007 (At The Giffoni Fim Festival)
Satellite Award        1999 (For The Thin Red Line)
Camie Award      2006 (For I Am David)
Awards and Achievement

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