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Theo Von Net Worth$2.5 Million
Full NameTheodor Capitani von Kurnatowski III
BornMarch 19, 1980 
Age44 years
Place of BirthCovington, Louisiana, United States
Education: The University of ArizonaThe University of New Orleans
Louisiana State UniversityCollege of Charleston
Height1.82 m (5 ft 11 in)
ParentsGina CapitaniRoland von Kurnatowski Sr.
Theo Von Net Worth

Theo Von is one of the best American who became famous for his stand-up comedy, hosting, and acting career. Theo Von net worth is estimated to be approximately $2.4 million as of 2024. With his performance in Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour at the age of nineteen, he gained the attention of a wider audience. MTV aired this show in 2000. Later on he also performs in multiple seasons of “Real World/Road Rules Chellenge.” In addition, he is a contestant on the television show “Last Comic Standing.” 

This show was released on NBC in 2006. Along with other projects, he made “No Offense” and “Regula People”  comedy shows for Netflix in 2016 and 2021, respectively. In 2017, he released a comedy album entitled “30lb Bag of Hamster Bones”. He also appears in different shows as a guest star. In 2013, he joined Inside Amy Schumer,” and in 2015 in “Why?”. Apart from his comedy career, he also worked in multiple movies. “Bobby Khans’s Ticket to Hollywood” and InAPPropriate Comedy” are the best movies of Theo Von. 

Hosting is another profession that Theo Von has adopted. His shows like “Premium In No Time,” which aired for two years from 2012 to 2014, and “Deal With It” are greatly admired by the audiences. Along with TV hosting Theo Von also hosted multiple podcasts. 

Early Life

The date of birth of Theo Von is 19th of March, 1980 and he was born in Covington, Louisiana. Theodo Capitani Von Kurnatowski is the real name of Thoe Von.  Roland Theodor Achilles Von Kurnatowski is the name of Theo Von’s Dad. His father died when Von was only sixteen years old. The name of Theo Von’s mother is Gina Capitani. He spent his early life days with his parents and two younger sisters. He has only one older brother. He went to “Mandeville High School” to get an early education. He gets his higher education from the following universities:

  • Loyola University New Orleans 
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Arizona
  • Santa Monica College

Finally, after getting an education from prestigious institutions, he got his final education degree from the University of New Orleans in 2011.


Theo Von started his career as a standup comedian from his home town Louisiana. After gaining fame from his hometown he move to Los Angeles to achieve more success as a professional comedian. He got his first career breakthrough when he got a chance to participate in “Last Comic Standing” which is a reality competition series presented by NBS in 2003. Theo Von got the title of “Last Comic Downloaded” in an online comedy competition.  Theo Von also performs on many international tours to collect charity for USO. He also perform at Guantanamo Bay to for USO. 

Standup comedy plays a key role in Von’s success. He has done multiple standup comedy shows in different years. Following are the details of his major standup comedy shows:

  • His first standup comedy show was Live at Gotham in which he performed in 2008.
  • In 2010, he performed as a standup comedian in another show called “Man Up, Stand-Up.”
  • Kamikaze Comedy is the show in which Theo Von participated in 2015.

Comedy Special Shows For Net Flix

Apart from taking part in other comedy shows, he also released his standup comedy show “The Half Hour” in 2012. He also made comedy special shows which contain one-hour comedy videos for Netflix. Following are the names and years in which he made comedy shows for Netflix.

  • No Offense in 2016
  • Regular People in 2021

Comedy Album

Before making a comedy programme for Netflix he also released a comedy album in 2017. The name of this comedy album is “30lb Bag of Hamster Bones,” and this album reached new heights of popularity as it became the number 4 show on Billboard’s Comedy Albums Chart and secured the number 1 position on the “Itunes” comedy album charts.


He released and continued his podcast in 2016 with the title “This Past Weekend.” Along with his podcast he is also a frequent guest of following famous podcasts.

  • From 2017 to 2024, Theo Von appeared in many podcasts as a guest.
  • In  2017, 2018, 2021, 2022, and 2023 he appeared in Joe Rogan Experience’s podcast as a guest. 
  • In 2019, he joined “Hot Ones” & “Impulsive” podcasts as guest.
  • Recently, Theo Von joined “Get Down with Sean and Marley” as a guest star.

Comedy Reality Shows

The Von take part as a cast member in multiple MTV comedy reality shows. Following are the details of Theo Von’s comedy reality shows:

  • Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour in 2000

World/ Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet in 2003 to 2004

  • Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2 from 2004 to 2005
  • Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat in 2005. 

Theo Von won two seasons of Real World/ Road Rules Challenge in the 2003-2004 season and 2004-2005. Apart from MTV’s reality show, Theo Von also took part in Bravo’s reality show for two seasons in 2005 and 2008. Bravo’s show name was “Battle of the Network Reality Stars.” He also took part in another comedy reality show presented by “Comedy Central.” The name of Comedy Central’s show is “Reality Bites Backs,” and this show was released in 2008. He won that show by defeating big-name comics. 

After that, he again appears on the small screen as a host. He remained part of “Primetime in No Time”  as host for two years (2012-2014.)  2013 was a very busy year for Theo Von as he was invited as a guest star at Comedy Central’s famous show “Inside Amy Schumer.” In the same year, he hosted a game show called “Deal With It,” which was the presentation of “TBS” channel. It was also in 2013 when he showcased his acting skills in the superhit movie “InAPPropriate Comedy.” 

Theo Von had don lots of work with “Comedy Central” firstly he appeared on screen in the programme “Why.” He joined this show with host Hannibal Buress in 2015. After a successful deal with Comedy Central, Theo Von recorded three episodes of “Man Up,” in 2018. The next year, he gave an interview on the famous YouTube show “Hot Ones.” He was also selected as a cast member in a Science-Fiction movie, “The Tomorrow.” Later on, he withdraws from this movie due to time constraints. 

Theo Von Acting Career & Movies

Theo Von is a very good actor and showcased his skill multiple times. The first time he appeared in a film ‘InAPPropriate Comedy,” as a “Mountain Climber” in 2013. After that, he also directed an episode of “Inside Amy Schumer.” In his recent acting project, he worked in “Sweet Dreams” as a “Garvey” in 2024.

Theo Von Wife/ Personal Life

As of 2024 Theo Von hasn’t to anyone. However, previously, he is involved in multiple romantic relationships. Following are the details of females who are related to Theo Von.

  • Coral Smith
  • Sarah Greyson
  • Brandi Granville
  • Katie

The romantic relationship journey of Theo Von started back in 2001 when he appeared with Coral Smith publicly on a beach. After that, lots of rumors are circulated about their dating life. Despite the rumor, the couple didn’t publicly accept or reject these rumors. 

In 2003, Theo Von and Sarah Greyson’s romantic relationship also remained a hot topic in Von’s life. But nobody can officially confirm this relationship. 

Lots of people started thinking about Brandi Granville she is Theo Von’s wife after both of them invited each other to their podcasts in 2016. Both dated for a while and after that, Brandi started dating other showbiz personalities. Despite that fact, Brandi and Von didn’t speak about their breakup. 

In the second month of 2024 Brandi and Theo Von again appeared in a podcast. In this podcast, both personalities describe their relationship.

Theo Von’s latest known crush is Kattie. He discusses Kattie in his YouTube Video. After facing many unsuccessful relations, now Von decided not to publify his relationship. 

Theo Von Age, Height, and Weight

Theo Von is currently living in “Nashville, Tennessee.” He bought this house in 2020, as he was born in the 1980s. His current age is 44 years as of 2024. Gemini is the zodiac of Theo Von. His current weight is  165 lbs, which is 75 kilograms. He has an average height of 1.82 m (5 ft 11 in).


From his struggle as a standup comedian to a well-known showbiz and social media personality, Theo Von set a roadmap for newcomers to succeed in their careers. Although he is not a born rich person, from his dedication, hard work, and luck, he makes himself build a $2.4 million net worth. His income mainly comes from his comedy career.

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