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Martin Lawrence Net Worth$110 Million
BirthdateApr 16, 1965
Age59 years old
Height5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)
ProfessionComedian, Screenwriter, Actor,
Film director, Film Producer,
Musician, Television producer
NationalityUnited States of America
Quick Info
Martin Lawrence Net Worth

Martin Lawrence is a former boxing champion and a standup comedian, and his net worth is more than $110 million as of 2024. He started his career as a comedian when he was a school-going kid and performing different arts functions. After starting his career as a comedian, he also tried to be a professional boxer and became a golden boxing champion. But later on, he left boxing to focus mainly on his comedy career. His television career began when he won a famous standup comedy show, “Star Search.” Initially, he got television roles in shows like “What’s Happening Now!” & “Multiple Pilots.” His TV career began in the 80s. After a successful appearance in T.V. shows, he also takes part in movies like “Do the Right Things,” “Boomerang,” and “House Party.” He has done small-screen and big-screen roles simultaneously.

Martin got his career breakthrough at the beginning of the 90s. He appears as a star in multiple comedy shows like “Martin” and “Def Comedy Jam.” In 1992, he also worked as a costar in the super hit movie “Bad Boys.” In this movie, he shares the screen with legendary Will Smith.

There is no doubt that Martin had a fantastic career at the beginning of the 90s. But he couldn’t hold his success as between 1995 and 1997; he was arrested and hospitalized multiple times in different cases. Erratic or violent behaviors are the reason behind his arrest. At the same time, when he was working on his project “Martin,” his fellow filed a lawsuit against Martin due to this ugly behavior. After so many setbacks, Martin finally thinks to slow down his work pace and try to figure out how he can get back on track. Recently, Martin again came as the center of topic for many media houses when he got a star on “The Hollywood Walk of Fame.” He achieved this milestone in 2023.

How did Martin Lawrence make his Net Worth?

Martin Lawrence’s primary source of income is his showbiz career. In fact, Martin was one of the most expensive film stars globally. At the peak of his career, when he was working in “Bad Boys,” Martin was considered a more valuable star as compared to “Will Smith.” For example, Martin’s salary for Bad Boys is $6 million; however, on the other hand, Will Smith earns only $2 million for the same movie as co-star. Later on, an interesting situation took place when Martin Lawrence refused to work in the sequels of Bad Boys unless he got the same amount as salary, which must equal to Will Smith’s salary in 2003. Finally, the issue is resolved when both stars earn $20 million for the second sequel of Bad Boys. 

Subsequently, Martin also earns a lot of money from other movies. For example, he earns $6 million for the film “Nothing to Lose.” This movie appeared on the big screen in 1997. He also earned $8.5 million in 1999 when he appeared as a star in “Life.” In the same year, he got $20 million for Blue “Streaks.” Martin’s other big projects and his salary highlights are as follows:

Movie NameYearSalary
What’s the Worst That Could Happen2001 $13 million
Black Night2001$16.5 million
National Security  2003 $20 million
Bad Boys II 2003 $20 million
Martin Lawrence Movies and Salary

So, this is a glimpse of Martin Lawrance’s net worth build-up. 

Early Life & Education

After taking a dip into Martin’s net worth now let’s explore other aspects of his life. He was born on the 16th of April, 1965. His place of birth is Frankfort, Germany. Although his place of birth is Germany, his parents are U.S. citizens who live in Germany. So, he is an American nationalist by birth. At the time of his birth, his parents gave his name “Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence,” which later on became papular as Martin Lawrance. Martin moved back to the USA in 1972 at the age of seven years along with his family. He landed and resided in Landover, Maryland.

Soon after reaching the USA, his parents separated in 1973, but Martin decided to live with his mother and didn’t visit his father after the divorce. To get his early education, Martin Lawrence went to “Eleanor Roosevelt High School.” After completing his early studies, he went to “Friendly High School” to get higher education. 

The career of Martin Lawrence

He started his career by performing as a standup comedian in various comedy circuits. In the beginning, he mostly showcased his skill in the Metro Area of Greater Washington D.C. Initially, Martin was unable to make enough money from his comedy career to support his day-to-day needs. So, he had to do odd jobs to meet his financial needs. After starting his career, he moved to New York City and began performing in “Improv’s Showcase.” During his work with Improv’s Showcase, he tries his luck by taking part in a television show, “Star Search.” This is a talent hunt comedy show. Star Search became the show from where Martin’s career began to expand.

He makes it to the final of this show. Although he lost in the final contest, he got the eye of a T.V. executive, and he got a chance to perform his first T.V. project, “What’s Happening Now!” Unfortunately, this show got canceled, and Martin started to find other roles in Hollywood. 

Finally, he got his first career breakthrough when he got a chance to perform in the movie “Do the Right Things.” He proved himself as a mature actor and made a strong fanbase by showcasing his skills in this movie. “Def Comedy Jam” is the second successful show hosted by Maring Lawrance in 1992. By appreciating his performance, he got a starring role in the sitcom “Martin.” This show was telecasted on FOX from 1992 to 1997. Martin found himself in a controversy when he passed remarks against women in 1994. As a result, Martin got a lifetime ban from appearing on “Saturday Night Live.”

After the final episode of “Martin,” he started working on the second season of Bad Boys in 2003. The first season of Bad Boys was released in 1995. The third version of this movie was released in 2020. Martin also appeared in the film “Mind Cage,” which was released in 2022. Bad Boys 4 is the current project of Martin which is in the phase of making. 

Personal Life of Martin Lawrence

In his life, Martin was related to three women. First of all, Martin married “Patricia Southall.” By profession, Southall is a model and became famous when he won the title of “Miss Virginia.” She earned this title in 1995. From his first wife, Martin has a daughter, and his daughter’s name is “Jasmine Page.” The year of birth of Jasmine Page is 1996. Soon after the birth of their first child, Martin and Southall decided to separate, and they got divorced in 1997. 

Soon after separation, Martin starts dating “Shamicka Gibbs.” They met each other in 1997 and dated for at least 13 years. After that, they got married in 2010. Martin has two daughters from Gibbs. His first daughter was born in the year 2000. Her name is Iyanna Faith. Martin’s second daughter from Gibs was born in 2002, and her name is Amara Trinity. His second marriage also failed like the first one, and Martin filed a case for divorce in 2012. 

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